More than a stay, living the experience of Dar Gonzo Garden is a celebration of your senses.

Between the High Atlas Mountains and Marrakech lays Dar Gonzo on about 3 hectares property cultivating fruit and vegetable gardens, and including areas of lawn, or turf, to provide the green sweep that connects all other garden plantings together.

The main grasses used for fine-textured lawns are fescues (Festuca species), bluegrasses (Poa species), and bent grasses (Agrostis species), often in mixtures. A rougher lawn mixture includes ryegrass (Lolium species).

Trees are one of the most permanent features of our landscape. The range of tree sizes, shapes, and colours is vast, from shrubby dwarf trees to giant shade trees, from slow to rapid growers, from all tones of green to reds, purples, and yellowish. A balance between evergreen trees, such as maritime pines and eucalyptus, and oraceae family, such as ficus benjamina, elstica and carica, they provide protection and visual interest throughout the year.

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